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Telecommunication Fraud Management is appeared to be a tuff job to handle. In a way it comes under Revenue Assurance which holds a big position in a Telecom company. This subject will not in concern of mobile technology. Either mobile or fixed communication system could be impacted by a telecom fraudster. Whereas we cannot move out packet switching network as well. Fraudsters focus on both circuit & packet switching networks. Most of the time company loop holes in policies & procedures provide an opportunity to a fraudster to rise up to create a fraudulent activity. That’s the first motivation fraudster could get.

To get information on company policies & procedures fraudster do not need any internal party to communicate. He could create that opportunity from himself as a customer. Where, Telecom Company will not be able to hide any information from a customer when he/she insist to know. For an instance regarding postpaid billing.  We all know that companies which do not follow online postpaid billing will take some time to provide the actual amount which a customer owes to the company. Also it’ll take quite a few days to process month end billing process which create a window of not rating at all. (What company will do is queuing all call detail records (CDR) & payment details.) This time window will more than enough any telecom fraudster to do any fraudulent event. 

By stating all that, fraudster require an internal personal to update his/her immediately on circumstances which will be profitable to him/her. That will provide efficient fraud activity which could be a disaster for the telecom company.

To become a Telecom Fraud Management professional you should need few qualifications. (Read what you should know before become a telecom fraud management professional.) If you posses those skills it won’t be much difficult. But I must tell you, you will feel every other thing is real simple once you become a fraud management professional. Because this job will take everything out of you. If you do not give your everything, you will never be a success.

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